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hello to all i am Game88!

Can I comment and answer messages while FL is working?

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Hello everyone, I bought FL like 3 months ago and it is working like a charm for me.
I know the owner of the program is a member here, so thank you so much for the program.

my question is can i comment and replay to comments and answer messages from the instagram app while FL is working on my pc?

I need verified amazon account( not limited or suspended).

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I want a verified amazon account. What i want to do is write reviews to earn some money. An amazon account requires buying of a product of minimum 5$ . After the product is shipped to U.S. and the transaction is sucessfull it will be verified. I need accounts with all these procedures completed. And since I want to write reviews it should not be suspended or limited to write reviews . Can anyone help me in getting one?


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a friend have more that 60k links from the same domine,and his site is in first page of google?Who can me explain this?this not is big spam?60k links from the same site???

Very Easy Job ! Make $$ Daily By Referring People

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If you're looking to make about 5-10 dollars daily
by only referring real people to a site and ordering a free service
If you think that you can do that without cheating or using proxies, vpn … etc then pm me
paying 1 $ per 1

Google ranking problems

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Dear experts,
I made my own webshop but I cannot find it in google what the heck.
I must be doing some stuff wrong bc when i try to get it in google i need to put a link in my site but dont know how.
I made a webshop via jimdo.
thanks in forward :)

New PBN getting crawled but not indexing new posts?

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I basically but a powerful domain through auction and it was always indexed. Put it up, recreated old powerful posts and everything was indexed well within 12 hours. It even got the giant box on google when you search for the site name.

The problem is the new posts that I have put up for tests are refusing to index. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

[Journey] Amazon Affiliate Website ($0-$300) No Big Investment

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This is my first journey at BHW. First of all, pardon me for my dead English. Lots of journeys going through here so you might be thinking oh just another one is started. And actually yes just like others here it goes mine –


I don't have any success story relates with Amazon affiliates. Didn't try to create any passive income yet. So want to try…

[Journey] Amazon Affiliate Website ($0-$300) No Big Investment ^(

Join my affiliate program

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Hey i got a new webshop and i'm looking for affiliates.
we pay 5% on the product price as comission.
I can not put my link in here but send me a pm for it.
its in the health and beauty niche mostly facial care.

1k posts & 4yrs Special Giveaway (FREE YT views and shoutouts)

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All this time I was thinking I am about to complete 3 years until just now I counted it properly.

First of all, I would like to thank this beautiful community. You guys taught me lots of things.
Apart from knowledge, BHW gave me a great opportunity to earn some good income.
Without BHW I might be still clicking those 30s links for peanuts.
But still, I wasted like 2 years after joining here, trying every making money method, jumping from one to another.
Soon I realized internet…

1k posts & 4yrs Special Giveaway (FREE YT views and shoutouts) ^(