Need video ads views on my site USA

Written by  on May 25, 2017

I need USA traffic, can be bots. They should open site, look on video ads, some time click on it.
skype fomin.denis

[HELP] Payment gateway for Indian dropshipers

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I recently made dropshiping website on shopify. My source is Aliexpress. I am targeting US market.

But I got stucked in the middle. Which payment method to use !! I am from India and targeting US.

Youtube keeps BANning me after Adding ADSENSE

Written by  on May 25, 2017

Is any way of coming back from this?
screen of youtube email: ^(

I have few other channels partnered with MCNs and they are running without any problem.
Few other accounts which are fine, because they are not monetized via youtube.

But every time, when I create channel or use some old and add my adsense, accounts get banned with in 24 hours and I receive this email. Is there anything I can do?
I was planning on starting…

Youtube keeps BANning me after Adding ADSENSE ^(

I got 10000 followers but no repin and traffic, why?

Written by  on May 25, 2017

Hello mates.

I spend few months to grow up an account, one proxy, everyday follow just few people, like, pin and repin few pics, everything pretend to be like a normal user, and now I have 10000 followers,.

But something is very strange, when I pin some unique high quality pic from my site or other new site, there's no repin and traffic, but when I pin some big site's pic, a couple of hours pinterest will notice me I have some repins.

Is that mean my account got ghost? Which step is the…

I got 10000 followers but no repin and traffic, why? ^(

Need to de-rank competitor

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Any free tools or sites for bulk submission?

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I want to make bulk submission to get backlinks, GSA and others are too expensive for me.

Any free tools or free links list ?

Any BHW members from Beijing/Hong Kong

Written by  on May 25, 2017

Hi guys!

I will be visiting China (Beijing and HK) during the summer months.
Wondering if any BHW members want to meet up ? :)


My fake accounts are getting blocked.

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I have created some fake accounts for promotion purpose but they are getting blocked permanently. Is it because i am using multiple accounts with same IP. What could be the solution?

How is he doing it?

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Hello, i would like to ask about this channel. ^(
His niche is Gaming (Gameplays and trailers only).I know he got 187k subs but damn he is getting a lot of views just for trailers which is pretty much easiest thing to do on youtube. No need to edit etc. There are a lot of other channels like this but omg ,,, 2 days ago he uploaded far cry 5 teaser and he got 626k views! How is he doing it? Is it just because all these subs?

Need Android/IOS installs for CPI any quality

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I need Android/IOS installs wich will work for cpi platforms. This can be bots.
Need all geo traffic. I will buy all your traffic if it will work.
skype: fomin.denis