Who plays electric guitar?

Written by  on August 12, 2017 

Well, 1 week ago, I walked into some music store I found in my town.
Thought, those nice looking cool wooden pieces would cost a fortune for beginners (my first table tennis bat was like 50$ > thats like 100$ today)..

well, they had all kinds of guitars, but not one simple BLACK with GLOSSY.

Got me some starter Yamaha Set. Picked out some Youtube Dude and can play 3 accords 1 week later

YES! I finally will got some hobby! something I WILL NOT WANT TO MAKE MONEY WITH, and SUCK as much as I…

Who plays electric guitar? ^(http://www.marathikavitasangrah.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/who-plays-electric-guitar.963612/)

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